Hugo Figueira Brazão 

(b. 1989, Madeira Island)



E-mail: hfbrazao@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hugobrazao



In the post-truth era that we live in, the boundaries between fiction and reality, between what’s false or true, tend to blur more than ever. There is a constant confrontation between these two opponents and we are never sure which one is which.

 In more recent years, with digital means of communication, any person was given the opportunity to create its own reality and, more importantly, to spread this reality to a wide public. This new concept of creating reality, together with the high speed these type of content is spread, took us to the point where we now find ourselves in. A point where it’s been considered by individuals with high political roles and where it has been used as a weapon to spread certain controversial ideals.


What truths are undeniable and need our immediate action? When can we not postpone an eminent problem any longer? In what circumstances do we need to bridge the gaps between different positions? When do we need to question ourselves if something is genuine or not?


Through merging different episodes, memories and landscapes that exist or existed in the past, with others that have never happened or existed, Brazão's work materializes in many different forms founding itself in between painting, sculpture, textile production and installation.

By exploring an undefined border between what’s fabricated or authentic, the work questions the pertinence of these terms in the present-day.